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Elopement Process

Officiant in Paris France

*  Firstly contact me  to find out if your chosen elopement date is available.  You can always check my booking calendar.  You may also have questions regarding my fee and additional services.

​*  Arrange Zoom call between yourself and me. This meeting will give you a feeling of my personality, with a chance to ask questions and share your elopement day excitement. You will know from this meeting that you need to be on “Team Natalie”.

*  Your elopement date should be booked as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. It doesn’t matter if your elopement day is 24 months away; your booking will be confirmed for your chosen time with a non-refundable deposit .

*  I will take it upon myself to visit your elopement venue to feel the ambience of your chosen place of marriage. I will also, if appropriate, introduce myself to your venue’s Coordinator or Wedding Planner.

* We will now start to organise the format for your ceremony and discuss your wants and needs.

* Behind the scenes I will be busily writing your unique ceremony.  

* We will be frequently communicating with each other discussing new ideas or concepts that you would like to be brought into your ceremony.

*  Your elopement  day

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