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Celebrant in Paris France

Why Choose Me?

I perform all types of ceremonies. No matter what your religious beliefs are, culture, sexual orientation, everyone is welcome. My ceremonies reflect the individual couple as they themselves are individual.

I specialise in last minute ceremonies. If you would like to surprise your other half with an elopement or get married in France, contact me today to see how I can make your surprise memorable. I listen and perform the ceremony to your requirements. I make the whole experience from the first meeting to the day of the ceremony easy. Nothing is too much trouble, even if you want to change your vows an hour before the ceremony. I’m flexible and easy to get along with

Your symbolic ceremony

Let’s talk about your symbolic ceremony in Paris. Getting married in France, eloping in Paris! Saying your “I do’s” is already an unforgettable moment, even more so if you do it in Paris, the most romantic city in the world!

There is just one thing that you have to keep in mind before planning your wedding , elopement or vow renewal. Your symbolic ceremony in Paris performed by wedding celebrants in France is not legally binding!

In France you can only get married by law in a city hall (“La mairie”) according to France marriage laws. But getting married in Paris for foreigners is very complicated!!! It involves tons of paperwork. The government has complex and abundant bureaucratic requirements for foreigners who want to get married in France. (Just one example: You have to be a resident in France for at least 45 days in a row before you are able to get married in France.)

So what most couples do: They have a quick civil ceremony back home (to make the marriage legally binding). Before or after their civil ceremony they celebrate their symbolic ceremony and create unforgettable memories with a Paris elopement, destination wedding in Paris or dream wedding in France.

Besides civil ceremonies at your local city hall or courthouse are legal matters. So they often feel just like that: Rather impersonal. But marriage is more than just a legal matter. It is a promise made in the hearts of two people who love each other.

Your wedding is your big moment. It is you and only you who defines what is important in your marriage. Your wedding ceremony is the moment when you start your lives together as a married couple. So you should be able to create, celebrate and enjoy your symbolic ceremony the way you want. As your English speaking Celebrant I believe in crafting a ceremony that is perfectly you and creating a moment that you’ll always remember and cherish.

Your symbolic wedding, elopement or vow renewal ceremony in Paris or France is completely yours! Therefore your ceremony script will be unique and personal, romantic and meaningful. It will reflect your individual personalities and your beautiful love story. You can completely customize your wedding ceremony. For instance by choosing the location for your ceremony, by exchanging your personal vows, by deciding for a religious, spiritual or non-religious ceremony, by choosing your favourite wedding reading, by including  wedding rituals – and whatever else you got in mind!

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